Vision Statement

⋅To be recognized and respected for my creativity.

⋅To be valued for my problem-solving abilities through the use of cognitive and conceptual flexibility and competence.

⋅utilization of my personal values of integrity, excellence, organization, and conscientiousness.

⋅To establish rewarding and lasting client relationships through the sales of personal and meaningful art.

⋅To inspire and educate others to ‘see’ artistically, be creative, and pursue artistic endeavors while using environmentally sustainable and/or recycled resources when possible.

⋅To build a local and virtual community whose members value, embrace and support the importance of art through education.

What exactly is cognitive and conceptual flexibility and competence?
~Cognitive flexibility is the ability to comprehend, process and react to different situations.
~Conceptual flexibility is the ability to analyze complicated situations or processes and then be able to problem-solve using creative methods.
~Combined, cognitive and conceptual flexibility and competence is the ability to think about two or more aspects of a complicated issue or situation simultaneously in order to determine the best strategy or solution for a successful outcome. It is the ability to multitask and properly plan ahead because one comprehends how many smaller tasks, steps or parts relate to the scope of the entire project and/or process. Therefore, by being proactive instead of reactive, potential problems can be averted.