Art Camp Session II (summer 2011) Update

Susan Massucci ART CAMP

Students from Art Camp (session II): Paint Like a Master Artist learned about the following art movements: Impressionism, Pointillism, Fauvism, Pop Art and Abstract Art. They acrylic paintings they created:
Impressionism: (11″ x 14″) Plein Air painting of nature (painting outdoors)
Pointillism: (9″ x 12″) still life of a bowl of fruit – oranges, lemons & limes or plate of tomatoes. Paintings were created using Q-tips.
Fauvism: (11″ x 14″) colorful still life of doll or flowers
Pop Art: (16″ x 20″) Self Portraits in the Andy Warhol style
Abstract: (16″ x 20″) students choice: Action Painting/splatter art (like Jackson Pollock), color field painting or other Abstract Expressionist style

Elizabth K. - plein air painting

Matthew S. - plein air painting

Meredith M. - Pointillism still life painting of tomatoes

Bridgette D. - Pointillism still life painting of tomatoes.

Gianna M. - Pointillism still life painting of lemons & limes

Olivia K. - Pop Art self portrait

Grace K. - Impressionism

Elizabeth K. - Impressionism

Gianna M. - Impressionism

Bridgette D. - Pointillism

Grace K. - Pointillism

Grace K. - Fauvism

Gianna M. - Fauvism

Meredith M. - Fauvism

Bridgette D. - Fauvism

Matthew S. - Pop Art self portraits

Olivia K. - Pop Art self portraits

Elizabeth K.- Abstract Art (color field

Olivia K. - Abstract Art (action painting/splatter art)

Meredith M. - Abstract (action painting/splatter art)

Matthew S. - Abstract