I love the work I create and the joy each one brings to my my clients. I receive many verbal compliments, but I am not ashamed to admit that I also enjoy getting thank you letters as well. Here are a few I have received. If you wold like to share your comments, testimonial or experience, please send me an email to


Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work, time, and creativity that you used on Mrs. Foerg’s and Mrs. Dietrich’s gifts!
~Christine & The Shrine Mother’s Club


Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for the “toad-ally” cool and custom designed things you made (from the hand painted clock, glass jars and photo clips to the MADISON letters). Sue, you did an amazing job with the mural! Everyone that has seen it absolutely loves it. I am truly blessed. I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and sleepless hours you put into making on Madison’s room special.
Jenn and Bill Z.


Dear Susan,
We want to thank you again for all your help in chosing paint and carpet. The kitchen/dining room is painted, carpet removed and the new carpet ordered. The room looks nice. We’ll start on the living room next. We are grateful for all the time you spent with us.
Ted & Carol W.


Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for doing the sign for Rowan. I can’t wait to finally get her room together. This sign is the perfect place to start.


Thank you very much for the beautiful painting you did for us. They loved it and had many compliments on your work. We have others in mind that we’ll be calling you on in the next few years. We really appreciate you delivering it to us also. What a gifted talent you have.
Kind Regards,
Tom & Amy


They just opened their [wedding] gifts last week when they moved into their new home. They absolutely loved the scrabble board. I will quote their thank you card..” it was our #1 favorite gift”.
Thanks for helping me accomplish that.


This drawing is so beautiful—everyone who was working yesterday and saw it was blown away!
Thank you so much for this beautiful, original gift!!! And the framing is so beautiful. I could not have found anything better— and the wire on the back for hanging!!! I am so thrilled with it all.